FKA Twigs: Two Weeks Live on the Tonight Show

If I could force you to watch this, I would. FKA Twigs performs “Two Weeks” live on the Tonight Show. So Good!

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“Super Cold” Vans

I painted a pair of Vans for a very good friend of mine. He handed over the pair of shoes and essentially said “have at it”, which can be more difficult than someone telling you flat out what they want painted. For instance, if I’m really into unicorns and rainbows, and the person allowing me artistic freedom isn’t, that makes for an uncomfortable meeting to deliver the end product. Anyway, I tried to create something I haven’t seen yet done on a Vans shoe, but at the same time, be something that I would be proud to wear. Below is what I came up with.

Vans California, holla at me!


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Wedding Trees

At some point in the last three months, a good friend of mine who was then recently engaged asked if I would paint the backdrop for his wedding. I of course said yes, and I was honored to do it. At the same time, it’s hard to say no in those type of scenarios if you don’t have a legit reason to decline. Otherwise you run the risk of being labeled as the “Worst Person Ever” for the entirety of that couple’s marriage. Anyway, I began painting over the trees I previously painted, with the colors the soon to be bride and groom had requested.


Everyone loved the backdrop and complimented me on what a great job I had done. I of course thought differently, because I had been obsessing over them for far too long and it felt like all the imperfections were screaming in my face. I knew that there would be a lot of people at the wedding, and I would be exclusively introduced as “the guy who painted the backdrop”. No pressure.

Wedding-Backdrop  The wedding was beautiful and most importantly, quick. Speaking of quick, those of you who plan on getting married at any point of your life, any wedding past an hour is too long. Cut that nonsense out.

Congrats to you both. I now have something to hold over your heads for whenever I need a favor.

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Studio Mural

I started painting a mural in my new studio space, and I am enjoying it more than I should.

studio mural

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Run the Jewels 2

EL-P + Killer Mike = Run The Jewels


The second coming of Run the Jewels has been leaked, by none other than the duo themselves. This is easily some of the most aggressive, hard-hitting, in your face hip-hop out right now, hence the name group’s name, Run the Jewels.

Stop what you’re doing and press play.


And while you’re at it, get familiar with their first offering.


Meow the Jewels coming soon…made entirely using cat sounds. What’s not to love.


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Kill Bill – Chris Visions Edition

It almost seems like a common occurrence that I’ll find myself admiring someone’s artistic ability, and wishing I could create as well as they do, only to be referred to by said artist to a different artist that makes me want to flat out quit art all together. Below is one of the videos that I’ve spending the last few hours drooling over…not to mention, I love Kill Bill.


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Designing the Album Art for Jay Z and No Age w/ Brian Roettinger (Noisey Design)

I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of creativity. This video just spoke to me. Nothing brings out a solid album like having unique and inspiring album art.

Known also for his creation of Childish Gambino’s album artwork and packaging for “Because the Internet”

Update: Unfortunately it looks like the video above was short-lived and was taken down by Noisey. Never fear, below is another look into Brian Roettinger’s work. It is a little older than the original, but it still does the job.

…and I guess Noisey changed their minds and re-posted the original video. whatever.

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One step closer to adulthood

Recently, the wife and I moved to a new place, which gives me more space to paint along with this thing called a mortgage, that I’ve been told I’ll be stuck with for a few decades. Sounds kind of like a disease if you ask me. Anyway, back to the space thing, now that we have much more space than we did at our old place, I now have a place to set up shop and unleash all sorts of creativity, and I couldn’t be happier.

eyinjaystudioRight now, most of the paintings and what not are on the floor leaning up against the wall until I have the time and most importantly, the money, to hang them up. I’ve even began to paint a mural…which is what that brown spot is there on the wall.


I’m excited to see what this change of space and scenery will do for me artistically.

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For Sale: Hat Bill Paintings

I did some paintings on the bills of a few snap-back hats I bought. All one of one. Hurry up and buy.

Check them out at:

Hat Bill Paintings

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Colorfull And Emotional Work by Hook Woojin

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