We Dem Boyz

So over the past few months and even weeks, there has been non-stop news coverage of anything related to police brutality and minorities, mostly black males. Being black myself, it’s hard not to have a more heightened sense about how you should conduct yourself in public in order not to be harassed by law enforcement or in extreme cases, gunned down. I do realize that there are great police officers out there, upholding their oath to protect and serve, but of course a few bad ones make it hard for the good ones to get any recognition. I choose not to say anything about the matter unless asked, face to face. I did however find myself creatively airing out my frustrations with how I felt about the matter.

BlxckAmericxThe painting above doesn’t have a name, and most likely will be painted over, but at the time, it helped me depict how I felt without having to air out my feelings on social media. I wouldn’t consider myself a Twitter/Facebook activist. I think some people don’t realize that body language says a lot to people when you speak with them face to face, and because most of our communication seems to be online, you lose some of that, and the words themselves can be translated into something hurtful, when the intention may not have been that at all.

Anyway, I also made some progress on the “no plan, no vision” mural I’ve been chipping away at. The title says everything, there’s no plan, and no vision to this. It’s really a collection of randomness at any given time.


My main focus however has been the two framed paintings below. In March, the Domestic Violence Network, here in Indianapolis, will be hosting an exhibition at the Art Space at the Athenaeum that explores the theme of domestic violence. The show is meant to create awareness of issues surrounding domestic violence.

showing-hope-imageThe paintings below are entitled “Fading Away in Silence” and “Everything Seemed Fine/Take Care“, respectively

FadingAwayInSilence TakeCare

The show will also feature select artworks from domestic violence survivors as DVN and its partners utilize art therapy as a critical tool in the healing process.

To end things on a more lighter note, I got this amazing sweatshirt:

The Night Watch (1642), Rembrandt / We Dem Boyz, Wiz Khalifa 



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