There’s something in the air, and it’s making me sneeze and cough

These past couple weeks have been like nothing I’ve ever experienced. A few days before Thanksgiving I started getting a fever, was losing my appetite and coughing uncontrollably. Come to find out, I had Bronchitis, which would later turn into a sinus infection and a cold. Ugh! On top of that, I had final exam coming up, and I we had a HUGE project that needed to get finished at work, which meant I couldn’t call in sick. Commence the pity party.

I did manage to do some painting and sketching here and there

I did some character doodles and did some experimenting with using inks (above) and also worked on a painting that had been pushed to the side and re-visited an old painting (below)

And now Netflix has decided to add a lot of movies and shows that I’ve been dying to see. Thankfully finals are over and this sickness is gone…for the most part. Time to indulge.

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