Irvington Halloween Festival Poster Contest

After working on the Indy Eleven game poster for their match vs the Ottawa Fury, that would eventually turn out to be the one game out of the season that was delayed for hours due to rain and lightning, which also damaged a majority of the actual posters printed (I’m not bitter or anything), I started, at the last minute, working on a poster for the 68th Annual Irvington Halloween Festival. I had this on my calendar for months, but being caught up in school, work, and just life in general, forgot all about it. The night before, I sat down with a glass of very cheap bourbon and started working, seeing as it was due by noon the next day.

Irvington Halloween Poster

I got an email shortly after by the director saying my submission made the final 15, which would be voted on by the general public to see who would be in the top 4, one of those being the “director’s pick”. Once I actually saw all the other entries, I was so embarrassed that I had submitted such a half-asssed attempt for a poster. Everyone’s entries were really well done, and you could tell a lot of time and effort went into them. Check out the entries here.

Number 35 won. Great Work.


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