Lilly’s Soap Kitchen (put a bird on it) pt 2

A couple weeks ago, I was sad to hear that Lilly’s Soap Kitchen would be closing up shop. If you are up to date on my most recent exploits, you know I recently took some artwork there to be displayed and hopefully sold in their lovely store. The landlord of the building they were renting from was approved to allow his space be used for a brewery. Because craft beer seems to be the latest craze, I assume that was the driving force behind informing the good people at Lilly’s that they would have to vacate before the end of the month, which was the end of April. Yeah, this post is a little dated. I need to do a better job of being a little more consistent. Sorry.

Anyway, I walked in one gorgeous afternoon to pick up my artwork and was pleasantly surprised to find that one (pictured below) had sold. Better yet, the guy who bought the piece wanted two more, one the identical size and a much larger one that kind of brought the two identical pieces together.

Park Bird WatchingWords can’t describe how ecstatic I was that this guy liked my artwork and wanted more of it. He is a part-time DJ and has created a space in his home for all his equipment that resembles a “party room” type of atmosphere.

Since hearing that news, I’ve been working on a few hat-bill paintings that I plan on putting up on Etsy along with some other artwork that is cluttering my living space. On top of that, I also finished a painting done entirely with spray paint, for an event at our church. The subject matter isn’t the most thrilling, but it has been the largest piece I’ve ever worked on. The painting was done on 4 x 8 foot wood panel boards.

TreesOverall, I must say, these past couple of weeks have been pretty rewarding for me artistically. You will also be happy to know, at least I was happy to know, Lilly’s has found a new location, just down the street from where they were previously. Two thumbs up.

Be on the look out for updates, as I am planning on doing a better job of being a more consistent with blogging. Sometimes life just gets…busy.

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