Lilly’s Soap Kitchen (Put A Bird On It)

I had the privilege to do some paintings for a small shop a few blocks south of downtown in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis by the name of Lilly’s Soap Kitchen & Artisan Market.

Lillys Soap Kitchen

Lilly’s sells handmade goods and original art created by local artists and artisans alike. They also make their own all natural soaps in house, that look good enough to devour. Although the soaps are completely made from all-natural ingredients, the owner advised me that it still wouldn’t be the best idea to actually consume the soap.

The store feels very roomy, almost to the point where you’d love nothing more than to sip some fresh coffee and lounge on a couch.

Lillys1 Lillys2

It looks very “girly”, but rest assured they do sell stuff for guys. I bought some soap called “Lady Killer” that actually earned me a compliment or two the day I used it.

Lillys3Below are the paintings I did for the store. I’m not sure how or why I decided they all needed to reference birds, it just came out that way.  If you live in or around Indianapolis, definitely check this place out.

lillys5…come to think of it, this may have something to do with it.

Check out Lilly’s on Facebook also.


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