Orange Winter Zombie Break pt. 2

I’d like to say I made the most of my last few artistic moments of winter break. I’d like to say I spent every waking moment perfecting what I love doing in order to better hone in on my craft, but saying that would be a lie. What I did do, was listen to a good amount of music and doodle, key word here is doodle. Most of the doodling was loosely based on what I was listening too. For instance, I was listening to “Glory and Gore” by Lorde in the picture directly below, which I may give say is a pretty good album.

Glory&GoreLettering is something I’ve been playing with a lot recently. This isn’t to say that I would consider myself any good at it, I just think it’s a cool technique to learn.

MaddCityGladiatorsAlthough they were just doodles, I found it pretty relaxing listening to music and just kind of letting my subconscious go to work (that sounded pretty artsy).

PurityRingCoffeeOutlawI also want to credit Purity Ring, and Kendrick Lamar for providing tunes as I doodled.

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2 Responses to Orange Winter Zombie Break pt. 2

  1. Kid Frankie says:

    Cool Sketches 🙂

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