Orange Winter Zombie Break pt.1

I’m now a week or two into winter break. This has afforded me more free time than I could ever imagine having, which is probably about the same amount of time most people get, but nonetheless, I now have the time to paint, draw, and thanks to my wonderful wife, play Grand Theft Auto V. Yes, I know I’m hella late.

Anyway, in that time, I’ve completed two paintings. The first is actually a painting I bought at Micheals for cheap. It was one of those paintings that usually hangs in model apartments and nursing homes. By that time, I had finally caught up on the show Walking Dead, and had talked about the comic so much, you would think it was my own life I was describing.



I haven’t really thought of a title. As of now “Everywhere“, has kind of stuck.

The next piece I had the chance to finish was inspired by the talented Frank Ocean, more specifically his songs Crack Rock and Pyramids (the second part of the song), off his album Channel Orange. I appropriately named it Crack Rock/Pyramids.



Below is the song “Pyramids” for your listening pleasure.

I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but I really like the color in this piece. Go me.

I think I still have a week or two left of winter break, so hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to not spend so much time playing GTA V and paint more.

Excuse the title, it’s the best I could think of.


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