A Little Abstract

I recently finished two abstract art pieces. I’ve never done anything abstract, nor do I have a good understanding of what qualifies as abstract art. Because I didn’t go to school for art, sometimes I feel like I’ve missed a lot of elements that go into creating certain types of art, abstract art being one of them. Thankfully Google provides a number of great examples via a quick image search. Being a fan of urban inspired art, I wanted my abstract piece to mimic something from artist Zeser’s exhibition “Bottom Line”.

zesprintknowngallery(ZESER Bottom Line Print)

The first piece below, I did for my mom’s birthday. She had been asking me to paint her something abstract for the longest time, so I finally did.

eyinjayabstractThe second piece was to commemorate the “year of the snake”, I painted Solid Snake from the video game series Metal Gear Solid. This particular piece had been in progress for some time until, for some reason, one day I came home from a rough day at work, sat down and decided it would be a good idea to draw dark lines and weird patterns all over this piece. It was therapeutic, but maybe I should have done a bit of planning before I just took a sharpie to the canvas. Indirectly, I was trying to go for an abstract look, because I enjoyed the first piece I had done for my mom.

IMG_20131019_113713Let me know what you think of these two pieces. Did I accomplish making abstract art or completely miss the mark?

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