Mink Clothing – “Slashers” Capsule Collection

Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays. I take that back, once I was too old to go trick or treating, Halloween became just another holiday I don’t get off work. Needless to say, I still do enjoy the spirit of the season in some fashion, mostly in the form of creative decorations and costumes. In the spirit of the holiday, The Mink Clothing Company has put together a collection of tees in honor of classic slasher movies Psycho, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street.


The “jersey” number of each tee represents the slasher’s kill count. This collection is a limited edition pieces, so only 25 of each were made and will run you $50 a tee, which sucks for me trying to be more financially responsible. Either way, still very creative. If you own a clothing brand, take notes.

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