“Picasso Baby”

Cuban-American artist Alex Reyes uses his creative ability and Hov’s constant mention of artists on his latest record, Picasso Baby, to create a set of works depicting the hip-hop mogul into well known contemporary fine art. Check out his work after the jump.


In his own words Reyes describes, “We get it, you can wipe your ass with hundred dollar bills, but sorry Jay, you’re neither ‘the new Jean-Michel’ or ‘the modern day Pablo Picasso.’ If said artists could return the favor and include you in their work though, it might look something like this.”

I can’t say I disagree with Reyes.

jay-z-depicted-as-art-01 jay-z-depicted-as-art-02 jay-z-depicted-as-art-03 jay-z-depicted-as-art-04 jay-z-depicted-as-art-05 jay-z-depicted-as-art-06 jay-z-depicted-as-art-07

(photos and quote courtesy of highsnobiety)

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