THE DEAR HUNTER TOUR (w/ Homeboy Sandman)

The Dear Hunter Tour (w/ Homeboy Sandman)

Webster hasn’t come up with a word to define how excited I was that Homeboy Sandman came to Indianapolis, for the Dear Hunter Tour. He is easily one of my top 5 favorite emcees of all time. After the jump you can catch a glimpse of the show, including some tracks from the openers.

The video below is an older track he did with the group, Homebase, from their album,  Live at the Clubhouse, vol. 1. Homeboy Sandman goes in!

(if you want to skip the intro, the raps start at 2:22)

The concert as a whole was beyond amazing. Thanks to Bringing Down The Band for sponsoring an amazing show and Sabbatical for hosting it. All the artist who performed were great lyricists. I had the chance to talk with Homeboy Sandman before the show and he’s a really solid dude. He hung out in the crowd while the other artist performed.

Anyway, below are some samples of the opening emcees.

015 017 029

Pope Adrian Bless:

Random a.k.a. Megaran: (he kicked a wicked freestyle by grabbing random objects from the crowd and including them in his lyrics. He happened to grab one of my stickers. He did it justice)

Open Mike Eagle:

If this tour shows up anywhere within a 100 mile radius of your hometown, go check it out. You won’t regret it.

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