Artist Profile – Kehinde Wiley & Eric Bailey

I try and keep myself artistically motivated by constantly looking at other artists work that inspires me. It helps me capture that feeling I had as a kid watching Michael Jordan play ball, hoping one day you could be as good, if not better, until life serves you a couple teaspoons of reality, and you realize by 8th grade, you better get good at school because all the other kids in your grade can dunk, except you.

Anyway, here is a double dose of great work by artists, Kehinde Wiley and Eric Bailey.


Kehinde Wiley

A taste of more of his work.

kehinde-wiley1 kehinde-wiley2 kehinde-wiley3 kehinde-wiley4 kehinde-wiley5

 Eric Bailey

Sample of his work below.

164997_A_001 eb2 eb3 105961_3

Eric does has worked with skate brand DGK, Converse, and one of my favorite artists, Big K.R.I.T.


Both artist are definitely worth checking out further.


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