I finally finished the self portrait I was working on for a group show going on in a local gallery. I named the piece, #Renaissance #Selfie. The title pokes fun at the fact that today, one can easily create a self portrait of themselves, mostly via smartphone, and that at one point in history, self portraits were restricted to the elite, those considered royalty. Isn’t technology great?

Self-portraitUnfortunately for me, it was not one of the ones chosen for the event. I’ll admit, I was a little bummed when I got the news. I realize I’m no Chuck Close, but I was pretty proud of this one. Needless to say, I learned a lesson in accepting rejection. Once I was done cleaning up after the pity party I had thrown for myself, I started working on a portrait, a friend of mine commissioned me to do.

self-portrait2Working on these portraits was definitely a lot of fun, and I guess in the end, that’s what really matters…and it also gave me the chance take number of actual selfies, like the one below.

(Courtesy of Snoopify)


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2 Responses to Selfies

  1. Josh Sousa says:

    You are a great artist a d I’m very proud of you.

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