Comics Books over Wine

I recently attended my first “First Friday” event ever. First Fridays are essentially a free, public, self guided art tour around various Indianapolis venues. Usually, each venue hosts its own event for the evening. There is no specific start location or end location. People are free to roam to whichever galleries/studios they want to visit. My wife Paige and I decided to visit New Day Meadery to see the work of Barfly artist, and comic book shop owner, Wayne Bertsch. Check out more from the event after the jump.


Of course, we didn’t go straight to the event. I mean, there was a comic book store right next door. It would’ve been foolish to not go in, and luckily I did and had the chance to score this first Walking Dead compedium. If you just found yourself asking, “What’s the Walking Dead?”, immediately stop what you’re doing and educate yourself.


After, celebrating a very early Christmas, we headed next door to New Day Meadery for the First Friday event.

2013-04-05-20.44.04 2013-04-05-21.12.31 2013-04-05-21.12.39

I had a chance to talk to Mr. Bertsch – really cool guy. Most our convo was related to comics, but that was of course to be expected. Even after the event, I’m still unsure of what exactly a meadery is. Either way, it looks to be a cool place to relax and hang out.


I’ve also been working on a painting for a group self portrait show myself. It is still a work in progress, but so far I think it is coming along pretty well.


2013-04-08-23.11.04…Oh, and I saw a Joe Rogan stand up. He’s kind of short in person.


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