Carnegie Hall

“You know how you get to Carnegie Hall, don’t ya? Practice.” -Lt. Aldo Raine (Inglorious Bastards)

I’ve  been on somewhat of a quest to step away a little from painting and do more sketching and doodling, to do what some would call, “getting back to the basics”. It also helps with just branching out and discovering my own style, even if its just a few minutes during the day. Many of the artists I look up to have their own distinct style of art, which I can only assume stems from their many hours upon hours….upon hours of practice. With that said, I hope in this process of mindless (often childish) doodling, I’ll find my own style. Here are just some of those said sketches and doodles.


001 003 008 006 005 007

Developing a skill, whether it be art, piano, and even competitive eating (random, right?), can be frustrating at times. I thought I’d share a video, a friend of mine referred to me, called “The OPUS Movie“. He left out the fact it is an hour long. I didn’t even know Youtube videos could be that long. Anyway, it is a very inspiring video, especially for those developing a skill.


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