Artist Profile: Jim Mahfood (Food One)

Jim Mahfood

While I’ve been spending most of my free time sketching, I’ve also been looking for new artists work to be inspired by. I recently came across artist Jim Mahfood, also known as Food One. I don’t remember how exactly I discovered this artist, but I wish I had done it sooner. Food One has done freelance work with everyone from Nissan to Cartoon Network and has illustrated for a considerable number of comic books. Check out his bio here and more of his work after the jump. As a forewarning, some of his work is a little explicit, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.



From what I can tell, much of his influence stems from graffiti and music.

Let'sMakeFriends WeSolveMysteries!

This of course is just a sample of his work. I encourage you to check him out yourself. He’s got a pretty extensive portfolio. If you are a fan of the show Community, on NBC, Food One is responsible for the Kickpuncher comic book cover.


Finally, a quick plug,

…now back to sketching.


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