I had a chance to work with Wood Zombie again for another one of his songs, entitled “Y.O.L.A”.

Ok, to be perfectly honest, it went more like this – I had been super busy lately; one weekend I was in Iowa, and the next I was in Tennessee, and in between all that I was…well I was living my life, which consists of a full-time job and a (gorgeous) new wife (3+ brownie points from the wife). Anyway, after all of that travel and day to day “stuff”, Mr. Wood Zombie himself hit me up inquiring about any new artwork I had been working on lately. At the time, I hadn’t done anything new, with the exception of some childish doodles I would hardly call art.

This particular song stuck out to me, because I had recently purchased A$AP Rocky’s debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, and the song by Wood Zombie was a remix to Rocky’s track entitled “JODYE”.

After listening to the song a few times, while also investigating the meaning of what Y.O.L.A was, I came up with the following as cover art.


By the way, I think Y.O.L.A is another term for cocaine.

yola The one above is a drawing of my own that I “jazzed up in Photoshop. I was especially happy how this one turned out.


I have to say, I really enjoy doing stuff like this. I also am becoming a huge fan of this guy’s music.


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