1.89L of Fun

Not too long ago, I made a visit to Flat 12 brewery for their 2nd Anniversary “shindig”. I had been a fan of their beer for a few months now, and I was excited to get a chance to see where “the magic happens”. I’ve definitely have to thank my friend D.A. for letting me know about it the event.

2013-01-05-18.22.32 2013-01-05-18.22.48

To my surprise, while I was there hanging out with him and enjoying some fine craft brew, I also won a door prize, which was actually a collection of things, including:

  • A Growler (which just so happens to be a 1.89L glass jug)
  • A Growler Co-zee
  • A Flat 12 Poster
  • Flat 12 Stickers


What is even cooler is that a local artist by the name of Mike Altman is the one responsible for the bottle label art/designs I’ve seen produced by the Flat 12 brewery. About a year ago, I got a chance to see Mike’s work at a contemporary art & music event known as ORANJE. He personally put one of my stickers on a peice of his work, which was an INCREDIBLY awesome feeling.


Overall, I must say I had a blast hanging out and enjoying some good beer.

Since then, I have also been trying to sketch more and keep up with Illustration Friday topics. The most recent sketch was based on the topic ocean. I had the idea of sketching Billy Ocean with tentacle dreads, but once the weekly topic was over, this is all I had done.


Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to finish before the week was out. Oh well, it was fun. On to the next week.

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