Heaven’s Own

Since my last post, I have been searching for ways to get better at sketching, painting, and really art in general. I decided I would sketch more…and by sketching more, I mean getting out of my comfort zone and sketching things I wouldn’t normally sketch.


The only problem for me is finding something to sketch, so I don’t find myself doing “the typical” sketches I usually do, like the one above. Anyway, after a few minutes of Google searching (because no one honestly uses Bing), I discovered a website that gives you a weekly topic to sketch. Hopefully, this will help me develop my skill in some sort of way, or just frustrate me into submission. Either way, if sketching is your thing, I encourage you to do it too.

Moving on, I recently made a twitter connection, and I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible, with poet/rapper, Wood Zombie. He saw the sketch above and asked me to do an album cover for one of his songs. I, of course, said yes, seeing it as a way to develop my skills in some way, shape or form. I particularly liked his song called “Heaven’s Own”.


After listening to the song repeatedly, this is what I came up with. If you check it out yourself, hopefully you also will see some correlation between the music and the cover art. I have to admit I went through a couple sketches before I came up with the idea, and even after finished the sketch I did like, I put it through Photoshop to jazz it up a little.

Luckily for me, he liked the cover I did for him. Hopefully, we can do more work together in the future. I really enjoyed doing this little project.

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