I pledge allegiance, to the art

I’ve been “working” on a particular painting for quite some time now. Mainly off and on, because I haven’t had the time to work long periods of time on it. It was inspired by kung-fu / wu-tang clan obsession I’ve had recently. Today, I realized, it sucked and I no longer wanted anything to do with it, the painting, not kung-fu flicks, or wu-tang clan. Since beginning this painting, I’ve had the chance to see other artists produce amazing work, only to leave me wondering, why am I producing such terrible pieces. Some would disagree, and say that the paintings I’ve done previously are “pretty good” maybe even flirting with “awesome”, but I’ve always seemed to secretly hate the end product, thinking, I can do much better.

003And every time I look at this piece, I think exactly that, “I can do better.” I also should mention, I don’t plan on finishing this particular piece as well.

So, in some kind of late-night emotional movie-type of monologue, I told myself, I would no longer settle for crap from myself. Every creative venture I set out on, I would be proud of the end result, whether that be from a change of attitude, taking my time with my artwork, or just getting better.

On a lighter note, I got a chance to play Hitman: Absolution for PS3, and it was awesome.

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3 Responses to I pledge allegiance, to the art

  1. segmation says:

    Sorry the painting didn’t work out for u!

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