Reggae Sneakers

What a month November has been. I recently got back from my honeymoon in Jamaica, and I must say, being from Indianapolis, we picked an excellent time to go, because obviously November in Jamaica feels nicer than November in Indianapolis.


I won’t bother you with the usual stuff people say when they return from warm climates by saying things like “(insert destination) was beautiful” or “we almost didn’t come back”, blah blah blah. The truth is, it was a lot of fun, but I am glad to be home and I appreciate home that much more after seeing how fortunate I am to be living the kind of life I have. Anyway, I must say, I had jerk chicken for the first time, and it changed my life. Like, I’ve never had food that made me rethink my existence like authentic Jamaican jerk chicken had. It was like riding the back of a unicorn as one hundred dollar bills rained from the heavens.


I Wish I would have taken a picture of the actual chicken, but it didn’t stay on the plate for very long. Overall it was an amazing, humbling and relaxing experience.

After spending what seemed to be an entire day killing time in between layovers, we finally made it home, where I got news I would be going to Detroit that week to be apart of the Red Bull Rubber and Sole Sneaker design competition.

Before we left for Jamaica, I heard about a sneaker design competition being hosted by Red Bull and Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique in Detroit. The idea was to design an original sneaker inspired by “what gives you wings”, obviously because Red Bull was hosting it. Three people would be picked from each pre-qualifying city to represent their respective city in the final judging in Detroit. The winner, having a chance to design a one of a kind shoe with New Balance, and Burn Rubber, where 100 pairs would be sold, regionally.


At the time, the wedding was in a few days, which obviously trumped a sneaker design contest in priority. Because I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this, I picked up the entry form and designed a shoe in the limited time I had and submitted it, promising my soon to be wife that it wouldn’t get in the way of me completing any last minute details for our big day, but it did anyway. 001I got the call, well, more like an e-mail, when I got back from Jamaica that myself and two others from Indy had been chosen to go to Detroit. Needless to say, I was super pumped, especially because I felt like I didn’t spend nearly enough time working on the design, but I guess it was good enough.

Skipping many details for the sake of not turning this blog entry into a dissertation, the event was held at the Red Bull House of Art, which is by far, one of the coolest gallery spaces I’ve seen to date.


Although I didn’t win, I got a chance to meet some cool people, including the other two guys chosen from Indy who are apart of a graffiti collective, know as the FAB Crew.  Also while I was out in Detroit, I got a chance to see some “public art” from the infamous Seventh Letter. To me, this was like seeing a Picasso or a Rembrandt in person.


It was an awesome event overall, and God-willing I’ll be able to enter again next year,hopefully a little more prepared.

172173Outside of the artists’ designs, sneaker artist and customizer, Eric Lowry (known also as “El Cappy”) had some of his work. Cool guy, and dope artist. Check him out here.



170(I obviously wasn’t nearly prepared as I should have been compared to the guy next to me)


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