Love & Marriage

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything. Well, I have many good reasons for that, one being I am now engaged. Truthfully, I’ve been engaged for a couple weeks now, but just recently had time to blog about it.

Like most men, I wanted my proposal to be extra special. I had of heard of too many dinner and a movie date proposals, so that idea was definitely out. After a lot of “googling” I finally came across an article that said something along the lines of, everything about your proposal, down to the ring itself, should represent you two as a couple. It should be special to you all. Well, we spend a decent amount of time going to art galleries, shows, etc. So I thought, “why not?”. I must have called every gallery in the greater Indianapolis area to see if they would hang some art of mine…and by “art of mine” I mean my proposal to, my then, girlfriend. I finally found a small, but awesomely beautiful, gallery downtown. By then I had the ring (which is a story in itself!), the gallery, but no painting. So, I had a couple hours to think of an idea and put it on canvas.

The very next day, I took it to the gallery, along with a bottle of champagne to celebrate, pending an answer of yes of course. Then again, if she said no, I would’ve drank it regardless. The big day finally came and long story short she said “yes”…after a minute of two of crying. Joyful tears of course.

and of course we celebrated…then went to dinner so phone calls could be made, and Facebook statuses updated. All in a days work.

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