Painting – Gorilla

Being what I would consider, a fan of music, with the exception of country and/or bluegrass, I am also a fan of cool album artwork. As of late, this has been a large source of  inspiration for when I am looking for a subject I want to paint. One of my favorite producers, Clams Casino, has a mixtape beat tape out entitled the Rainforest EP. For those of you not sure what a beat tape is, it is essentially a collection of instrumentals by that particular producer. This particular beat tape is centered around nature, wildlife, etc. There is a song in particular on this beat tape is called “Gorilla” that gave me in the inspiration to paint my own unofficial album artwork to this track…. so I painted what came to mind and to no surprise, the painting ended up being a gorilla. The link below should take you to the song if you’re interested in listening to it. I promise it won’t disappoint…and if it does…well….hold your breath until it doesn’t 🙂

Clams Casino – Gorilla

“Gorilla”: Acrylic, Spray Paint, Sharpie on Canvas

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2 Responses to Painting – Gorilla

  1. iangoldsmith says:

    Great! Reminds me of John Park’s ( work. Gorillas seem to feature in his work a fair bit.

  2. eyinjay says:

    Oh, wow. I like his work! Thanks for the reference, Ian.

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